About Me

My name is Florian Fietz and I’m living in Germany. In 2006 I begun my studies at ‘THE GERMAN FILM SCHOOL for digital production’ and after the university changed its administration I graduated at the ‘Babelsberg Film School’ as ‘Diplom Digital Artist’ in the year 2009. To improve my knowledge about character animation I continued my studies at ‘Animation Mentor Online School’ and graduated in the middle of 2011.

Until autumn 2013 I am going to work at ABAKUS Musik, but after that I would love to join a team to work as a professional character animator!


What my mentors think about me

I was very impressed by Florians thoroughness throughout the animation process, right from thumb-nailing and reference through the various stages of blocking to splining.”

Jon Collins

I enjoyed having him in class.”

Michelle Meeker

Excellent work taking suggestions from critiques and incorporating them in to your work.”

Royce Wesley

Florian gets a good sense of the character’s personality in their physicality.”

Dana Boadway

My Hobbies

If you like my demo reel and would like to get to know me better, look through my other websites or get in touch with me.


Blog Animation
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'One picture can say a thousand words.'
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